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Welcome to the League of Human Dignity

The mission of the League of Human Dignity is to actively promote the full integration of individuals with disabilities into society. To this end, we will advocate their needs and rights, and provide quality services to involve these persons in becoming and remaining independent citizens.

League members are people from the citizenry, government, and the business community who recognize that human dignity comes only through equal opportunity for all citizens. We recognize that society as a whole benefits when all its members are enabled to contribute freely in accordance with their potential and without regard to their disabilities.

The Philosophy

The League of Human Dignity realizes that the rights of the minority are many times overlooked or ignored by the majority. It is essential that there be an organization performing an advocacy role of, by, and for people with these disabilities.

The League firmly believes that a comprehensive service and advocacy program requires that the person with a disability play a primary role in the development, implementation, completion, and evaluation of all programs and services designed to meet their specific needs.

The League recognizes that many barriers confront persons with disabilities. Some of these barriers are physically constructed, some are legislated, some are attitudinally instilled, and others exist within people with disabilities themselves. Our programs and services are designed to remove these barriers so that all persons can move within an accessible environment.

The League’s programs and services benefit from partnerships with the government, the business community, and the public so that change may occur through a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. Our programs and services couple good “common sense” with the reality that some problems have unconventional solutions.

The long-range goal of the League of Human Dignity is for persons with disabilities to fully integrate into society where they can contribute as independent members of the community.

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