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Welcome to the League of Human Dignity

We believe people who experience disability have the right to expect the same opportunity as anyone else to live, work and play in their communities. They have the same right to access benefits, services, resources and facilities. They have the same right to contribute freely, according to their potential, regardless of their disability. People with disabilities have the right to make their own decisions, to live independently and should never be forced to live in institutions.


Our mission

The League of Human Dignity is a consumer-based nonprofit organization, whose mission is to promote the full integration of people with disabilities into society. To that end, we will advocate for their needs and rights while providing quality services to help them become and remain independent citizens.


Our centers provide services for people with disabilities to use in living full, independent lives. Each unique path to independence is designed by our consumers, with the assistance and advice of our staff. Here you are not a client, patient or victim. You are a consumer, with the power to make your own decisions.

We at the League of Human Dignity have been promoting independent living for people with disabilities since 1971.



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