You can help support our mission by sending a donation in any amount to the League of Human Dignity, 1701 P Street, Lincoln, NE 68508. You may honor a loved one’s birthday through an Honorarium Gift, remember someone special in death with a Memorial Gift, include the League in your will, support our benefit auctions, designate the League of Human Dignity on your United Way contribution card, or be creative and come up with your own style of giving!

Please Support the League during May 2024, especially on May 30 – Give To Lincoln Day


Donation Levels:

Builder $500

Supporter $250

Century $100

Believer $50

Friend $25


As a non-profit organization with a limited budget, we rely heavily on our friends in the media, the medical community and the human services industry to help us get the word out. In this section you’ll find events, news and announcements to help keep you apprised of league activities.

After more than 30 years of successfully promoting independent living for persons with disabilities, we had hoped to become a household name by now. Too often, no one really thinks about us until they really need us.

If you are a satisfied consumer, you are our most reliable promotional spokesperson.  You can help others live more independently by telling them about our services or by sharing this website with them. If this is your first visit to the League web site, please come back often to learn about the League and its many activities.

You can also sign up for our newsletter by clicking here, or sign up a friend who can benefit from our newsletter.  Click the word HERE above to get signed up.


You can also help by donating your time. Many of our offices could use assistance with daily tasks or special events. Contact the League of Human Dignity location nearest you to see how you can help.

Ken Lindhorst Volunteer of the Year Awards

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheons


The League sponsors two Benefit Golf Events, in Lincoln and Omaha/Council Bluffs, to support League activities. From participating as a player, donor or event sponsor to donating your time—there are many ways to become involved.

The League Golf Outing Sign up Form, please click here:



Want to get involved with others who have similar interests and experiences?

Originally formed as a social group and discussion forum, a membership fee of $10 is accessed to cover program costs. The League of Human Dignity Membership Group meets monthly to discuss timely topics including legislation, local ordinances, and advocacy issues.

Committees may be formed to address current issues or to represent the Membership Group at city council meetings or state legislative sessions. Fundraisers, presentations, holiday get-togethers, and picnics are among the many annual social events.

A Membership Group chapter is currently active in Lincoln. You may want to start a group in your area. Contact the League for more information.


Associations and Support Groups you can count on when you need someone who understands.

The information listed here has been shared with the League of Human Dignity by individuals and organizations involved in local, regional and national associations and support groups. Please contact us if you would like to add a listing.

Find Out Your Benefits

Throughout our history, members of the League of Human Dignity have influenced state legislation and city policy on accessibility and disability rights issues. We are also prepared to advocate with you on a personal level and to help you advocate for yourself. We want to be sure you receive the services, accommodation—and respect—you deserve. If you feel you are being discriminated against because you experience a disability, contact the League of Human Dignity.

Find Out Your Rights

The League of Human Dignity believes that all of us have the right to decide where we live, work, and play. At some point in our lives most of us will experience limitations that affect our personal independence. Whether these disabilities are temporary, progressive, or permanent, they should not prevent us from living the lives we choose.  In addition to physical, mental, or emotional disabilities, we may also be faced with external barriers.

Our Mission

We believe people who experience disability have the right to expect the same opportunity as anyone else to live, work and play in their communities. They have the same right to access benefits, services, resources and facilities. They have the same right to contribute freely, according to their potential, regardless of their disability. People with disabilities have the right to make their own decisions, to live independently and should never be forced to live in institutions.


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Tailored Solution

Here at the League of Human, we offer many different ways for you to get involved.  Your contributions go a long way, of course. But, lending a helping hand as a member, volunteer or support group member also makes a world of difference for so many. Click here to find out the different ways to give back to The League in your own way.