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Removing Barriers

Your Community

Public facilities should be accessible to everyone. Do you have difficulty getting in and out of certain buildings or finding adequate parking? Is it difficult to receive service once you are inside? The League can help you contact the right persons to get some changes made.

Your Home

Check out your own house or apartment. Is it difficult for you to get around? Or to get things done? Home modification may be the solution. A ramp, porch lift, stair lift, grab bars, hand rails, wider doorways, accessible tubs and showers, or lowered sinks and counters could allow you to live independently while remaining in your own home.

Did you know you have the right to make reasonable requests of your landlord to make a rental house or apartment more accessible and safer for you? The landlord is not expected to pay for the modifications, but must make the accommodation possible.

If you live in Lincoln/Lancaster County, Omaha, or Council Bluffs, a Barrier Removal Grant may help you pay for eligible improvements. Contact the League’s Barrier Removal Information Centers (BRIC) in Lincoln, Omaha, and Council Bluffs for further information.

Model Homes








A variety of accessibility design features and adaptive aids are displayed in the Model Homes at the League locations in Lincoln and Norfolk.

Your are welcome to check out the possibilities for your home or office- including adjustable sinks with removable base cabinets, lever-type hardware, adjustable-height cook tops, portable storage units, grab bars, roll in shower stalls, and front-loading washers and dryers with easy-to-reach control panels.

Getting Around

gettingaroundGetting around is vital to your independence. Curb cuts and accessible buses were among the major issues facing the newly founded League in 1971. Though much has improved over the years, transportation will always be a key issue in the disability community.

Public Transportation

idcardThe League can help you take advantage of the public transportation available in your community—including buses equipped with wheelchair lifts. If you live in Lincoln you can stop in the office to get your photo ID card for Handi-Van, Go-For-Less, and Senior Saver programs.


Personal Transportation

personaltransportationYou may need to consider an accessible vehicle or a modification on your own car or van to allow you to enjoy the freedom of transportation.  Mobility Options can Help you access and acquire what you need.

Personal Mobility Devices

personalmobilityA scooter or power wheelchair may be just what you need to get around town or around your own home. Mobility Options carries a full line and can off comprehensive needs assessment and consultation.

Specialized Equipment

specialized_equipment Technology can make a big difference in your home or office as well. Wheelchair ramps, porch lifts, automatic door-openers, and other specialized equipment make it possible for homeowners or renters to come and go as they please.

Standing tables, stair lifts, elevators, hospital-style beds, lift chairs, roll-in showers, lowered counter tops and sinks, and other modifications offer freedom of movement around the home.

Vehicle and Home Modifications

Mobility Options carries the latest in new and used vans or new scooters and power wheelchairs. Need a scooter lift on your pickup truck? Or the floor lowered in your van? Or hand controls on your sports car?

How about a vertical lift or a stair lift for your home? Or an elevator in your office building, church, or community center?

We do it all at Mobility Options. We can be found on the web here.